In Deep #038 (29th Jan 2013)

In Deep #038

Olaf Quintessa – In Deep #038
Recorded 29th Jan 2013

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120 mins. 320 kbps MP3 (274 MB)

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1. Dennis DeSantis – Function Creep
2. Chymera – Ghosts
3. Dennis Garcia – Door To Dimension 4 (Bangkok Impact remix)
4. Ajello – Dolphy
5. Ichisan – Tips & Tricks
6. Delano Smith, Gavin Herlihy – Krypton Factor (Delano’s Deep Space Mix)
7. Future Beat Alliance – Mourning
8. Bangkok Impact – Premature Ejaculation
9. Alden Tyrell – Touch the Sky featuring Mike Dunn (Gerd’s Double G Mix)
10. Dexter – X7D
11. Vincenzo – Keep Moving feat. Lisa Shaw
12. Yaron Cohen – White Rabbit (Shur-I-Kan Remix)
13. Dr.Bass – Sentiment
14. Sebastian Davidson, Nick Orisun – Natural (Cosmic Belt Mix)
15. Franck Roger – La Moule
16. Cosmic Belt – Time Flies
17. Ron Trent – Blood And Fire
18. Alpha Child – Gamma Ray (Franc’s Rolling Dub)
19. Future Beat Alliance – Discordant
20. Oliver Koletzki – Nascita Of The Monsters (Ajello Remix)
21. Analog People In A Digital World – Unordinary Habits (Ajello Remix)
22. Martin Virgin, South eXpress – Happy Days (Ajello Remix)
23. Pete Herbert – Yo Drums (Ajello Version)
24. Mandre – M3000 Opus Vi (Felix Dickinson Nick the Record Edit)

Picture credit:
Belgian Ardennes and New Zealand Natural Parks, Second Life

About olafquintessa

Coffee loving trail runner. Likes sci-fi, curd tart and techno. Sporadic writer. Synthwave. Electro. Mario Kart. Splatoon.
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